Hi, guys welcome back to the site. Hope you guys are having a fantastic day and welcome back to my site. Today we’re going to be doing something different, and that is would you rather.

We’re gonna be answering some would you rather questions from lifehacks that I have found. Anyway without further ado straight into this. Also before we get into the article let me know in the description down below in the comment section if you guys want to see more types of videos like this. Like different types of videos like reacting videos and would you rather videos. Anyway that’s what I wanted to say straight in through the questions we go the first question

would you rather get electrocuted for 10 seconds or get slapped 20 times

okay think logically here obviously gets up 20 times man electrocuted is not fun, so we’re gonna go with getting slapped 20 times.

Here we go next question

would you rather

would you rather I presume to eat chocolate or vanilla

What’s my favorite obviously I mean most people might go chocolate I think I don’t like chocolate that much. Is still pretty awesome but I’m going to go as vanilla. Really like vanilla, it’s a bit lighter than chocolate from mine anyway. So yeah I’m going to go with vanilla.

Next question here we go

would you rather have the ability to teleport or would you rather be able to time-travel

Also no question I mean if you’re able to time-travel go back in the past or in the future where we go. Whatever you want apparently that’s all sound pretty damn awesome but man teleporting to go anywhere in the world like the split second that sounds pretty damn awesome. So I’m going to probably go with having the ability to teleport.

Next question is

see ghosts or hear ghosts

So basically if you’re in a haunted house you want three ghosts or do you want to hear them. Obviously, don’t want to see a ghost man. I’m scared I probably want to hear ghosts. I think I’m going to go over.

Here we go next question we have


Would you rather get twenty thousand worth of jewelry or get ten thousand dollars electronics

always it will go with electronics I lost myself from electronics what am I going to do with jewelry. So yes works 10,000 worth of electronics.

It was the next question we have


Would you rather lick the armpit of a sweaty cab driver or would you rather if the earwax or an old man who has never cleaned

adheres god damn it! As you guys can tell getting into the nasty ones now .this is a nasty would you roll is probably go with 20 cab drivers just carry on because I am so disgusting.


we go next question we have


Would you rather be as you are now like not change at all or have 1 million dollars but to have a 5% chance instant death I

‘m going to go with BS here now obviously I love myself right now I don’t want to have a 5% chance of instant death.

So to the next question

here we go next question we have


would you rather chop off your own arm or chop off a complete strangers arm but they come back to kill you in 30 years

Difficult probably I probably go with my arm because there’s damn painful, but I don’t like to chop up some strange guys arm and can kill me in the future. Like yeah we’re going to go chop off your arm

it was the next question we have

would you rather wear someone else’s dirty underwear or use someone else’s toothbrush

nasty shit man does you know what let’s go with where someone else’s dirty underwear man it just does it just do it let’s just do it.


would you rather be thrown into a snake pit or be thrown into a spider pit

I’m gonna obviously go spider pit. I think that’s pretty logical mean snakes are worse in my opinion and spiders and my opinion spiders are less scary than snakes. So we’re gonna go with that, and here we go this is the next would you rather questions


Would I rather cure cancer or discover an alien race

obviously, cure cancer and no questions off here we go next question we have.


would you rather always know when people are lying or would you rather always get away with lying

I would probably go with always know when people are lying because then you can get awesome really bad and embarrassing stuff to people, and you know what they’re lying.

So probably go is that next question here we go next question


would you never be able to say thanks or please

Obviously here it’s logical because I do this I actually say I’d never be able to say thanks again but then please you can write this no other way of saying it like with your head or anything please say can I please have some chocolate then we thank gives you something to just note with your head and it’s like thanks now I’m from the go is that.

Anyway, next question here we have

the ability to control people or have the ability to control the time

probably go with have the potential to control people that sound pretty damn awesome they can just do what the hell you want within that. Sounds awesome bro that’s not sick we’re gonna go with that.